Tommy Chong's First NFT? A Million Dollar Bong | Cash Only


Apr 23, 2021

Video Description

The one and only Tommy Chong celebrated the holidaze with an exclusive 4/20 interview on Cash Only. On top of discussing spirituality and the pandemic, the pot legend detailed his new forays in the cannabis industry alongside his partner-in-pot, Cheech Marin. Together, they're opening one of the first major celebrity weed dispensaries. In this clip, the titan of THC details some other big news: Not only will Cheech and Chong's official dispensary break ground soon, but Tommy is also making a bong worth a million dollars that will then be minted as an NFT. Here, he explains what makes this glass gear fit for a cannabis King. Watch the full interview with Tommy Chong here: https://youtu.be/jFTkncaL6NI For more on Tommy Chong, follow him on socials: https://www.instagram.com/heytommychong/https://twitter.com/tommychong​ Bullish is a conversation about money for the curious. Earn more, spend smarter and grow your money in a way that's right for you. Our FREE weekly email will make you smarter with money: http://bullish.news/email​ Follow us: https://bullish.studiohttps://twitter.com/BullishStudiohttps://www.instagram.com/bullish.studio


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